PRESS: Mock Funeral for Good Jobs

Texans Stage Mock Funeral to Mourn The ‘Death of Good Jobs’ in GOP Congressman’s District

Think Progress, Aug 23, 2011

Thursday August 18th, over one hundred Houstonians held a mock funeral for good jobs at Rep. John Culberson?s Houston office to show how politicians like Culberson are deliberately pursuing policies that are killing jobs across Texas. They sought to hold him accountable for voting for legislation that could kill 1.8 million jobs nationwide and over 200,000 in Texas.

During the event, unemployed workers and community members mourned the good jobs Rep. Culberson has killed through his votes for corporate balance sheets instead of investing in the American people.

In front of a mock casket for ‘Good Jobs’ and while Taps played in the background, Rev. Louis Dorsey eulogized, ?Good Jobs were much loved and appreciated by all here today. This loss is tragic because it is the result of reckless greed on Wall Street and in Congress.? Rev. Dorsey also expressed participants’ demand that Rep. Culberson start to focus on good jobs. He ended his eulogy by saying, ?While the grief we endure for the loss of Good Jobs is great, we must not let this tragedy continue to happen.?