Texas Schools WIN Against Big Oil Tax Breaks

Happy new year, everyone! How about this for starting off the new year right?

Refinery Tax Ruling a “Gift” for Schools

Houston Chronicle

23 Dec, 2011

After witnessing the effects of so many budget cuts, like seeing their children put in larger classrooms and shortchanged on supplies and textbooks, parents of children in Texas public school districts got more than a little miffed when they saw that a highly profitable oil giant like Valero was scheming for a huge tax break that would take even more money from schools. One of those parents, Patricia Gonzalez, talked to Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation this Fall about how that tax break would affect her child’s education. And Good Jobs=Great Houston even took activists to Austin to directly voice their concerns to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, during their November hearing on the issue.

Thanks to all the pressure we’ve put on the TCEQ and our public outcry in the media, the TCEQ has denied the tax break to Valero! This is a big win for us as we go into 2012. Share this around and spread the word– public pressure and demonstrations can and DO work!