Extra Oil Please! A Lunch Time Surprise for Senator John Cornyn

It was a lunch time surprise over at Sen. John Cornyn’s office today. Good Jobs=Great Houston, jokingly represented the 1% as big oil lobbyist. The 1% “posers”  went bearing gifts, urging the Texan senator to do the right thing and continue to support “Big Oil” subsidies. We knew that he would support “Big Oil” because “Big Oil” has helped fund many Republican campaigns.  Going waaaay back to 2010, big oil and its top executives managed to put in their pockets a total of $73 million dollars; paid out to them by the 99%, in the form of tax breaks and subsidies. Meanwhile, it’s been a tough few years for working families here in Texas, who still continue to tighten their belts as our jobs get shipped overseas and corporations keep getting millions in the form of tax breaks.

With our 1% suit jackets on and our trays of “dirty” money, we marched straight up to the door ready to deliver our message, “Big Oil needs more Tax Subsidies.”

We rang and rang over and over again, but sadly, everyone was out possibly enjoying a gourmet lunch. So we left them dessert… a heartfelt note along with our trays of oil drenched money:

Dear Sen. Cornyn

We, the 1% of oil lobbyists want to say thank you by leaving you this gift of oil and money in the hope that you will do the right thing and vote for more big oil subsidies.


The 1%

For good measure, we left his office hallway adorned with signs reminding him of the support we expect for the 1% . We the 99% won’t forget that every “Yes” vote he gives will support only the wealthiest 1% (big oil and their well funded lobbyists) while ignoring the 99% of Americans paying out for all that oily money.

This week Congress will vote to end giveaways to big oil, proposed by Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) which would stop the wasteful subsidies. As Republicans continue to rant and rave that we can’t afford public education, child care services or alternative forms of energy; they continue to support their friends in the oil business by handing out cash anytime they can. Enough is enough!

As quoted by Sen. Menendez, sponsor of the bill, “At a time when families are feeling the pain at the pump and our deficit keeps growing at an alarming rate, we simply can’t afford to keep giving away billions in taxpayer handouts to oil companies that are doing nothing to help lower prices. The ‘Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act’ is based on a simple premise: we need everyone to do their share to lower the deficit, not just working families and the elderly,”

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