April 12, 2012

Good Jobs Great Houston’s 99% Spring!

Spring is in the air right here in Houston and the 99% has been counting down the days to take action and kick things off in the right direction.  Across the nation union members, community activists, occupiers and people from all other walks of life came together to begin the 99% Spring Training. Spring has been a long time coming. Back in February leaders from across the country signed a letter and launched the program to put power back in the hands of the people.

Yesterday, over at the Good Jobs Great Houston office, around 5pm, folks representing over 14 different organizations came together for our direct action training. Kicking off the evening with a nice spaghetti dinner, the program began with a quick introduction video outlining the key points of the evening’s training.

The focus of this training was rooted in helping individuals build the community, focus and skills needed to launch spring actions everywhere in an effort to create a democracy for and by the people…like our forefathers intended.

As the first exercises began, participants took five minutes to write out their personal stories. When asked to share, folks came out saying they were here because of education cuts taking place; they had lost their vision of the American Dream, which they had had while growing up, and because the 1% needed to pay their fair share. Everyone seemed to realize that they were all sharing the same fears, concerns and challenges; that as being part of the 99% they were not as alone as they thought.

With a 20 minute video presentation-telling the history of non-violent direct action-following the storytelling, folks were excited and ready to hit the ground running! The crowd was split into three groups and began practicing sample action scenarios. Everyone was active and involved in the role-playing and it was seen as the evening came to a close and chosen spokespeople let the room know about what they had learned and how they set up their own “actions” during the group exercises.

As activists left ready to begin their spring, one participant when asked about his reaction to the training, stated with a smile on his face, “This is what (us) little people need, a way to get our voices heard.”

*If you’re interested in learning more about the 99% Spring training. You can download a copy of the training manual here, Special thanks to the “99% Spring website. www.the99spring.com.

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