May 7, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Phone Bank!

The work of community activists is never truly done; especially when organizing communities for grassroots power. While most weekend goers were enjoying all the Cinco de Mayo celebrations taking place. The 5th Ward/Kashemere Gardens organizing committee was phone banking in their community finding out the issues affecting their neighbors and urging them to get out and vote this election year. For all the organizing committee members, the only way to really build power is by asking the right kinds of questions and getting others involved; whether by getting out and voting or becoming active member-leaders of the committee.

Good Jobs=Great Houston activists have been working closely with super neighborhoods and civic clubs in the area. The hard work and dedication seems to be paying off though, as more and more people can be seen signing up to vote and attending weekly committee meetings. With phone banking, door knocking and events scheduled through the end of the month. These activists we can be sure are organizing to bring change.

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Theater For The 99%

The stage was set and attendees were buzzing with excitement as the lights dimmed and the actors took the stage. From May 3rd through the 5th, the office space here at Good Jobs=Great Houston transformed into a theater hall, showcasing the five short plays about living in America presented by  Look-Out Arts Collective and Occupy Wall St: Houston.

With a simple stage in place and minimal props, the five well written and directed short plays lit up the evening with its energy and intellectual fervor. These young actors, writers and directors made their message clear; power creates poverty and poverty creates power.  Calling into question oppression, the ills of extremism, censorship and abuse where just a few of the themes each of the plays took into consideration. Though it might seem like a gloom and doom evening. The level of humor and sadness was well balanced from the opening act to the last.

With a packed house during its three day run the show was a great success. In fact, the audience was so engaged that many of them didn’t even mind staying late to be part of the scheduled talkbacks.

We want to give a big thanks to all the actors, Caleb Travis and Matthew Padora from Lookout Arts Collective, and all the folks who came by the office to watch the show.

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Florence Coleman

My name is Florence Coleman, I was born and raised right here in Houston’s fifth ward, Kashemere Gardens Community and lived here most of my life. The only time that I wasn’t in the area was when I left to go to college at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. At the university I studied sociology and became a High School teacher. I have been retired from the HISD for several years now but have spent these last retirement years active in my community. Growing up I was always taught to give back to the community. In fact, I can never remember not doing community work.  I have always felt that it is important for people to take an active role in their communities which is why I am involved in my organizing committee. Because organization gives us the structure we need while we learn techniques and strategies necessary to create change in our communities through grassroots power.

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