Hundreds of Texans Demanded Governor Perry ?Stop Playing Politics With Our Healthcare.?

?Today we got an early start. We loaded up buses and vans and headed to the state Capitol to demand Governor Perry stop playing politics with our healthcare. We had supporters from other community coalitions throughout the state of Texas. Outraged Texans from Houston, Austin and Dallas were frightened over Perry?s decision to reject health care coverage but we turned our trepidation into loud chants and demands.

We had plans to tote handmade signs but they were confiscated by Capitol troopers. Instead We sang spiritual hymns right outside of the Governor’s doors…awaiting word from Governor Perry about his rejection of healthcare coverage for the poor, elderly, and disabled. Our pleas fell on deaf ears but we made a vow to come back in the Fall with hundreds more.

?It only takes one swipe of his pen and millions of hardworking Texans like me will have coverage. Regular people get sick too. Our kids and grandparents get sick too. He can?t just turn his back on millions of people- he just cant.? proclaimed Diamond Kirby, an infuriated Houston native and parent of two. Perry?s decision will affect 1.2 million children and several million elderly and low wage workers cannot afford health insurance.