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***MEDIA ADVISORY FOR Thursday, August 23rd? ***

Ar?Sheill Sinclair?

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Low Wage Workers Exploited by Bain Capital Owned Companies Protest Senate Candidate Ted Cruz Who Supports Mitt Romney?s Economic Plan

Houstonians?Travel to Tampa to be the Voice of Hardworking Texans During Ted Cruz?s Opening Speech

Houston? Local workers employed by Bain Capital owned establishments rally at?Ted Cruz?s Office,?1000 Louisiana Street?to send off their neighbors and families as they travel to Tampa, Florida, and the site of the Republican National Convention. As the Republican Party prepares to listen to Ted Cruz deliver the opening speech at the RNC, hundreds of Americans are joining caravans nationwide to protest a Romney economy that only works for the a small portion of America. Culminating in a day of action in cities all across America on August 30.

?While in Tampa, workers will participate in protests to draw attention to the harmful effects economic policies like Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz?s will have on the vast majority of Americans. ?According to 2010 findings by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in Texas, 500,000 residents earn a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Texas ties with Mississippi for the most jobs that pay minimum wage. Community members are fed up with economic tactics that make the rich richer while the working poor continue to struggle.

Examples of economic tactics that exploit hardworking families is Bain Capital, an investment company co-founded by Mitt Romney, that employs thousands of workers earning minimum wage. ?We sweat hard, we stay busy. We?re not getting paid enough money for the work that we do while Mitt Romney continues to make profits off of our labor,? said Burlington Coat Factory worker, Richard Hooten.

On August 23rd, caravan participants of Bain Capital employees and their supporters will share their personal stories and perspectives on why the Romney Economy won?t work for themselves or their families.

Who:?Employees taken advantage of by Bain Capital & community members


Where:?1000 Louisiana