Media Advisory for August 30th

MEDIA ADVISORY ? August 30, 2012

CONTACT: Ar?Sheill Sinclair, 832.736.1572,



Voters to Demand an Economy That Works for the 99%, End to Outsourcing, Healthcare Cuts and Corporate Tax Breaks


Houston, TX? On Thursday morning, as Mitt Romney accepts the Republican party?s presidential nomination, the 99% – low wage workers, seniors, community activists, students, and faith leaders – will roundly reject the Romney Economy. Among the participants will be workers who have just returned from protesting the Romney Economy at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.


As part of a nationwide movement rejecting ?Mr. 1%,? workers will speak out against the elements of the Romney Economy that are dangerous to the working and middle class: outsourcing, tax breaks for the rich coupled with take hikes for the middle class, cuts to education and healthcare funding.


WHAT: Rally at the GOP Office. We Don?t Want A Romney Economy


WHERE: 3311 Richmond Avenue


WHEN: August 30th 10:30am


WHO:?? Community members who do not support a Romney Economy


This event is part of a nationwide day of action, as voters demand an economy and a government that work for the 99%. These voters want: an increase to the federal minimum wage, an end to tax breaks for the rich and corporations, a renewed focus on creating good American jobs instead of layoffs and outsourcing for profit, and a Congress committed to representing all Americans, not just the 1%.